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Mini Golf MatchUp™ FEATURES:

  • Free to play
  • Play on eight fun courses with over 100 holes
  • Dodge obstacles with three unique putter and ball upgrades
  • Challenge friends and family anywhere in the world
  • Smile at bright and cheerful graphics
  • Use easy touch controls handcrafted for your phone and tablet
  • Collect stars to unlock new courses
Come play the game that Tiger Woods may or may not use while training for his tournaments, and find out what mini-golf fun is all about.


  • How to Play

    Create a Game

    You have four options for creating a new game:

    1. Play with Friends by inviting them through Facebook or an SMS invitation

    2. Random Buddy connects you with someone else who is looking to play right now

    3. Rematch a buddy who you have previously played

    4. Search for a friend by entering his or her Mini Golf MatchUp Username

    Scoring and Golf Terminology

    What is a Par?

    The par for each hole is five strokes. This means that if you complete the hole in five strokes, you’ll score a Par.

    What is a Hole in One?

    A Hole in One occurs when you make a hole in one stroke.

    What is an Albatross?

    An Albatross—getting its name from one of the largest birds in the world—occurs when you finish a hole in two strokes (three below a Par).

    What is an Eagle?

    An Eagle—named after the famous flying predator—occurs when you finish a hole in three strokes (two below a Par).

    What is a Birdie?

    A Birdie occurs when you finish a hole in four strokes (one below a Par).

    What is a Bogey?

    A Bogey occurs when you finish a hole in six strokes (one above a Par).

    What is a Double Bogey?

    A Double Bogey occurs when you finish a hole in seven strokes (two above a Par).

    What is a Triple Bogey?

    A Triple Bogey occurs when you finish a hole in eight strokes (three above a Par).

    What is a Nice Try?

    A Nice Try—also known as a “valiant effort” in professional mini-golf circles—occurs when you finish a hole in nine or more strokes. No matter how many strokes you end up with, once you hit nine, you’ll get a Nice Try.

    How are holes scored?

    Hole in One: 10,000 points

    Albatross: 8,000 points

    Eagle: 7,000 points

    Birdie: 6,000 points

    Par: 5,000 points

    Bogey: 4,000 points

    Double Bogey: 3,000 points

    Triple Bogey: 2,000 points

    Nice Try: 1,000 points

    What’s a Multiplier?

    Next Hole, 2x Multiplier: If you get a Hole in One on the current hole, the next hole will have a 2x multiplier applied to it, meaning that whatever score you get will be doubled. For example, if you get a Hole in One on the second hole, and score 8,500 points on the third hole, you will receive 17,000 points for that hole as a result of the 2x multiplier.

    What happens if I get a Hole in One on the last hole?

    Because there is no hole afterward for you to use a standard 2x multiplier, you will receive a 10,000-point bonus instead.

    How are gem pickups scored?

    Small Gem Bonus (multiple per hole): 100 points

    Big Gem Bonus (one per hole): 2,000 points

    All Small Gems Pickup Bonus: 1,000 points

    If you pick up all the Small Gems on a hole, you will receive a 1,000-point bonus.

    Gameplay and Achievements

    How do I earn stars?

    You can earn stars by completing achievements. Different achievements have a different number of stars associated with them. You can see how many stars you can earn for each achievement on the Achievements List, accessible through the main menu. Mini Goals each give you one star upon successful completion.

    What is the play sequence?

    Each player has three turns per game. If you are first to go, you will play the first hole on your first turn, the second and third holes on your second turn, and the fourth and final hole on your last turn. If you are second to go, you will play the first and second holes on your first turn, the third and fourth holes on your second turn, and the fifth hole on your third turn. The turns are ordered this way so that players take turns playing each hole first, so neither has an advantage in seeing the others’ replays.

    How do I hit the ball?

    Once you’ve placed your ball on the starting pad, you can hit the ball by pulling it back and releasing it, just like you would a slingshot: Place your finger on the ball, drag it back, and you’ll see an arrow pointing in the direction you are aiming. To change direction, slide your finger. To hit the ball, release your finger. The strength of your stroke is determined by how far back you pull, and the color of the arrow will indicate how hard you will hit it (with blue being the weakest, and red being the strongest).

    How do I see the rest of the screen?

    To see more of the hole, pinch your fingers together. To zoom in and get a closer look, push your fingers apart. Swipe your finger outside the circle surrounding the ball in order to look around the hole.

    How many holes are there in a game?

    Each game has five holes, played over the course of three turns (see “What is the play sequence?” above for more information).

    How do I finish a turn?

    Turns can be finished by completing one or two holes, depending on where in the play sequence you are.

    What are achievements?

    Achievements are goals, listed on the Achievements page, that will earn you stars when you complete them. Some achievements are not game-related, such as the “Like us on Facebook” achievement. Others are game-related and can be completed within a single game (these are called Mini Goals), such as “Score a Birdie.” Others are game-related and cumulative, such as “Win 25 games.”

    How do I complete an achievement?

    By accomplishing whatever the stated goal is. For example, if the achievement is “Score a Birdie on every Hole in One game,” in order to complete that achievement, you must score a Birdie (exactly four strokes) on all five holes of a single game. Once you do so, you will be notified and earn the stars associated with the achievement.

    What can I use stars for?

    You can use stars to unlock our premium courses, such as Awesome Autumn, Wacky Winter, and Water World.

    What does it mean to finish a game?

    A game is finished when both you and your play buddy complete the game’s five holes.

    What does it mean by “Nudge my buddy”?

    If someone you are playing against hasn’t taken a turn in at least 24 hours, you will be presented the opportunity to “Nudge” them. Nudging them will send them a notification requesting that they play their turn. It can only be sent once per 24-hour period, and only if they have not played their turn. Sending your buddy a message in your game’s chat room will also send them a notification.

    In-Game Elements

    What do the arrows on the course do?

    The arrows indicate a hill. The direction the arrows point is a downhill slope. When you hit your ball in that direction, the ball will travel faster than it does usually. When you hit your ball in the direction opposite the arrows, you ball will slow down, as though it were climbing a hill. If you hit your ball uphill fast enough, it will jump off the ground.

    What’s a Pinball Bumper?

    Borrowed from the original king of arcade games, Pinball Bumpers are spring-loaded course obstacles. Hit them hard, and your ball will fly off the course. Hit them softly, and your ball will bounce in a new direction. Pinball Bumpers are currently available in select Wacky Winter course holes.

    What’s a Windmill?

    A Mini Golf classic, our Windmill features a four-blade propeller that blocks the entrance to its pass-through slot. Time your shot well, and you’ll avoid its blades. Time your shot poorly, however, and you’ll face the fate of many a frustrated mini golfer. Windmills are available in select Simple Summer course holes.

    What’s a Sand Pit?

    Not half as scary as it sounds, our Sand Pits, like any other bunker, will slow down your ball significantly. But Sand Pits aren’t all that bad; if used strategically, they might give you the extra edge you need for effective short-game control. Sand Pits are available in select Pharaoh Gardens and Water World course holes.

    What’s a Pipe?

    Pipes can carry your ball from one part of a hole to another, helping you to avoid obstacles. Pipes are available in select Awesome Autumn, Wacky Winter, and Carnival Nights course holes.

    What happens if my ball goes in the water?

    Unfortunately, it will sink. You will resume gameplay from wherever you took your shot and, contrary to traditional golf rules, you will not be assessed an additional penalty stroke.

    What happens if my ball goes out of bounds?

    You will resume gameplay from wherever you took your shot and, contrary to traditional golf rules, you will not be assessed an additional penalty stroke.

    What does a Dinosaur do?

    Be careful! If your ball ends up under his mouth, he will eat it, and you will have just spent one stroke feeding our Triassic friend. You will then resume play from wherever you took your shot. The Dinosaur is available in select Pharaoh Garden course holes.

    What is that Octopus all about?

    His tentacles will block your shots, so be sure to avoid them at all costs. Larry the Octopus is available in select Water World course holes.

    Wait... is that a Shark fin?

    More dangerous than all the beasts in all the “Jaws” movies put together, our Shark will almost certainly knock your ball into the water if you hit his fin, forcing you to retry your shot. Sharks are available in select Water World course holes.

    The Cannon

    Cannons launch golf balls across the sky, often toward their intended targets, and, sometimes, off the course completely. Simply hit one with your ball, and it will load, firing seconds later. Cannons are currently available in select Carnival Nights course holes.

    Sticky Floor

    We do our best to tidy up, but sometimes we leave patches of Sticky Floor, where golf balls get stuck in spilled soda, Cracker Jacks, and gifts from our animal friends. Hit your ball hard enough, though, and you should be able to get it out. Sticky Floors are currently available in select Carnival Nights course holes.

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  • Courses

    Simple Summer

    Our easiest course, Simple Summer is where many professional mini golfers cut their teeth and mastered the art of precision putting. Learn the angles, avoid the windmill blades, and work on your swing in what Mini Golf Fanatic Magazine called “the most relaxing mobile mini-golf experience available.

    Pharaoh Gardens

    Of a whole other time and place, Pharaoh Gardens teams up Pyramids and Dinosaurs for the first time in history. Show your buddies you’re the Tutankhamun of this course, and earn the respect of the ancient Egyptians as you putt your way to glory.

    Awesome Autumn

    Leaves are falling, and so are golf balls on this course loaded with multi-level holes. This unique autumnal experience provides new adventures, introduces Pipes, and will leave you craving a pumpkin latte once you’re done.

    Wacky Winter

    It’s cold; it’s challenging; it’s crazy. Throw on your favorite ski parka, don a pair of gloves, and let ’er rip in this ice-themed course. Loops, speed ramps, and countless other obstacles will distract you from the subzero temperatures. Not for the faint at heart!

    Water World

    Octopuses, Sharks, and all the water you can drink await you in our most challenging course yet. Voted one of the 10 most challenging mini-golf courses in the world by readers of Mini Golf Fanatic Magazine, Water World will test the true extent of your putting skills and leave you wishing you’d brought a life jacket along with you.

    Carnival Nights

    Everything is better at night, especially mini golf. Add crazy cannons, curved pipes, and other new obstacles to the mix, and you have a true mini-golf carnival. BYO popcorn and cotton candy!

    Pirate Paradise

    ARRR you ready for a tropical challenge? It’s time to tee off on a unique archipelago packed with pirate ships, tiny islands, cannons, and sharks! This cutthroat course will challenge even the most seasoned scallywags among you.


    From the Land of the Rising Sun comes a beautiful course replete with temples, bridges, and cherry blossoms. Its sand traps are extra sticky; its rivers, extra tranquil; and its greens, extra smooth. TanquilliTee is the closest thing there is to packing your bags and flying to Japan for a round of mini golf. Try not to eat the sushi, though; it’s made of plastic!

    Mixed Bag

    Some people eat the same cereal every day for 40 years. Others enjoy the variety pack. Mixed Bag is the variety pack of mini-golf courses. But unlike the kind you buy in the grocery store, you never know what you’ll get with Mixed Bag; the holes you play will be randomly selected from every hole in the MiniGolf MatchUp collection.

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  • Tournaments


    FORE! Tournaments are here! Pick out your favorite putter and compete against thousands of fellow MiniGolf fanatics for the chance to win your weight in coins.*

    *Weight of individual coins may vary. For actual prize amounts, consult the Tournament Information page.

    For most days, tournaments will be played over five holes, with the same format of a normal game against your buddies. The course(s), holes, and gem pickups are predefined and identical for all players. Additionally, all multipliers and mulligan rules (one per hole, one free per tournament) are the same as in normal turn-based gameplay.


    Tournaments run once a day. Tournaments begin at 2:00 a.m. Pacific Time and lock out at 12:00 a.m. Pacific Time, meaning that you can no longer enter that day’s tournament. During the two-hour window between 12:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m., you can finish a tournament that you entered prior to the 12:00 a.m. cutoff. Once 2:00 a.m. arrives, any unfinished tournament games are automatically expired and do not count toward any prizes. The course(s) on which the tournament is being played varies.


    For each tournament, there will be one lucky grand-prize winner, who will collect a mammoth number of coins. Hundreds of runners-up will make the Winner’s Circle, and receive a healthy number of coins. Hundreds or thousands of other users will receive an Honorable Mention Prize, also in the form of coins.


    For each tournament, all Mini Golf MatchUp players will receive AT LEAST one free entry. Players can purchase additional tournament entries with coins. Entry costs vary between tournaments.

    Standings Page

    The Standings page is the core of the Mini Golf MatchUp Tournament experience.

    At the top of the page, you’ll find information about the current tournament, your high score, what the Grand Prize is, your current tournament high score(s), and the scores to beat for the Grand Prize and Buddies Tournaments. You can use the question mark on the top right to get more information about that tournament, and scores to beat for the other prizes, as well as coin payouts.

    Below the information, you’ll find the ENTER button if a tournament is running, or a timer counting down to the start of the next tournament. To enter a tournament, click the green ENTER button in the center of the page. If you’ve not yet used your free entry, you’ll be taken right into the tournament. If you have, you’ll be reminded how many coins your entry will cost, and then you can confirm your tournament entry purchase. You can always watch videos if you’re out of coins to enter.

    Below the ENTER button are links to the Leaderboards and My Tournaments pages, as well as a link to the full My Stats page.

    Leaderboards Page

    The Leaderboards Page provides a fuller picture of the currently running tournament.

    The Global Tournament tab shows a list of all the current leaders, as well as their scores. To find your spot in the rankings, hit the My Ranking button, and you’ll be taken to your current place. There is also a small ENTER button, which allows you to enter the currently active tournament.

    The Buddies Tournament tab shows how you rank against your Facebook friends and Mini Golf MatchUp buddies in the current tournament. If enough of your friends and buddies compete and you beat them all, you will win a prize. The size of the prize varies depending on the type of tournament and the number of friends you’ve beaten. The more friends who play that tournament, the more coins you can win, so invite away!

    My Tournaments Page

    The My Tournaments page lists the most recent tournaments you have participated in, and includes information such as your high score, your final rank, and how many coins you’ve won. On each tournament there is a trophy button you can press to see in greater detail how you finished.

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  • Power Ups

    What is a Do-Over?

    Do-Over—or a “mulligan” as it’s known in the professional mini-golf circuit—is an opportunity to redo the shot you’ve just taken. What is particularly cool about Do-Overs is that if you use one, you still get to keep all the gems you collected on your previous shot.

    How do I use Do-Overs?

    Tap the Do-Over button in the upper-left corner of the screen and then confirm that you want to use it. If the button is grayed out, that means you have already used your Do-Over for that hole and cannot use another one.

    How many Do-Overs can I use?

    You can use one Do-Over per hole. You receive one free Do-Over per game. Additional Do-Overs can be purchased for 50 coins.

    What are Power Balls and how do they work?

    Power Balls are special golf balls that you can use to give yourself an edge over your opponent. At the beginning of a hole, you may choose a Power Ball, and that ball will be used throughout the entire hole. You may select any of the following Power Balls:

    Floater — This ball is lighter than water and will not sink if it lands in a lake or an ocean.

    Off Road — Tired of getting your ball stuck in the sand? The Off Road ball skims over any trap with the greatest of ease.

    Magnet — Some gems are easy to pick up, but for those hard-to-reach ones, nothing lends a hand quite like the Magnet ball, which collects all nearby gems, even those it doesn’t touch.

    What are Putter Powers and how do they work?

    Putter Powers are handcrafted clubs with special properties that allow for trick shots and improved scores. Before any shot, you may select a Putter Powers club. Keep in mind that the club will be in use for that shot only. To select a club, simply tap the Putter Powers icon and then tap any of the following clubs:

    Chipper — Sometimes you need to catch a little air in order to get your ball in the hole. The Chipper gives you the loft you need, and also comes with an aiming aid.

    Power Putt — When you need those extra few inches to get your ball where you want it to go, the Power Putt club delivers. Made from super-lightweight titanium alloy.

    Laser Aim — It’s always easier to play the angles of a mini-golf course when you know exactly where your ball is going to end up. The Laser Aim shows you just that.

    What is the Retry Final Hole power-up?

    After you play your final hole, you can use coins to purchase an opportunity to try the hole again. This power-up can be used to get those last few points needed to beat your opponent, or extend the gap between you and your trailing partner.

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  • Ending Games

    How do I end my game early?

    Currently, the only way to finish a game once it’s initiated is to play the game all the way through, wait for the game to auto forfeit (5–7 days), or forfeit once it’s your turn again by tapping the red forfeit icon in the top-left corner of your screen while you’re viewing the Score screen.

    How do I block someone?

    Under Account Settings, scroll to the bottom and tap Manage Blocked Users. Tap the plus sign, enter the user’s name, and tap Search to block him or her from playing future games with you. To unblock a previously blocked user, swipe the user’s name and tap Delete.

    How do I remove old completed games?

    Once you finish a game, you can remove it from the Game Over section by either: finding the completed game you want to delete on the Main Menu and swiping your finger to the right


    tapping Edit at the top of the Game Over section and clicking on the red button next to the games you want to delete.

    What happens if my buddy stops playing?

    If it is not your turn, and your buddy neglects to play the game for a given number of days (5–7), your buddy will automatically forfeit. At that point, it’s time to break out the champagne; this counts as a win for you!

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  • Account Issues

    How do I log out of my game?

    Currently our games do not have a “log out” button. The only way to log out is to delete the app. Once you reinstall it, the game will prompt you to log in again.

    Forgot Email

    If you can’t remember your email address, please follow this link and in the message, mention the username of the account to which you’re trying to log in, and that you’re having trouble remembering the email address associated with it.

    Forgot Password

    If you are unable to access your account, you can reset your password through the Mini Golf MatchUp website by clicking here. Enter the email address associated with your Mini Golf MatchUp account and hit the Send button, and we will email you a password-reset link. Please be sure to check your spam inbox if you do not receive the email!

    If you can access your account settings from within the app, you can enter a new password in the password box and then tap the Save button.

    Change Username

    Go to Settings then tap your current username. From there, you should have the ability to change it to whatever you like, as long as the username isn’t already taken!

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  • Crashing Issues


    1. From the home screen, double tap the home button -> tap and hold the app icon until it wiggles -> tap the red circle in the top left -> reopen the app.

    2. If this doesn’t work, try deleting the application and re-downloading it. Do make sure you know your email address and password first!


    1. Go to your phone’s settings -> applications -> clear game data (or cache).

    2. If this doesn’t work, try deleting the application and re-downloading it. Do make sure you know your email address and password first!

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  • Installing, Updating, and Loading Issues

    Common Fixes (iOS)

    4. First, be sure you are using the most recent version of the application.

    5. From the home screen, double tap the home button -> tap and hold the app icon until it wiggles -> tap the red circle in the top left -> reopen the app.

    6. If this doesn’t work, try deleting the application and re-downloading it. Do make sure you know your email address and password first!

    Common Fixes (Android)

    4. First, be sure you are using the most recent version of the application.

    5. Go to your phone’s settings -> applications -> clear game data (or cache).

    6. If this doesn’t work, try deleting the application and re-downloading it. Do make sure you know your email address and password first!

    “I installed the app on my device but it’s nowhere to be found!” (iOS)

    By default, iPhones store the most recently installed applications on the farthest right screen. Swipe from right to left until you reach the final screen. If it has successfully installed, your app should be there. You can also search your device for the app by swiping from left to right. This will bring you to the iPhone search screen, where you can enter the name of the app for which you’re searching. If it is installed, you should be able to find it. If you still cannot find it after taking these steps, go into iTunes on your computer and look for the app. If it’s not there, it did not successfully install, and you need to go back to the App Store and download the app again.

    “I installed the app on my device but it’s nowhere to be found!” (Android)

    If you’ve installed the app on your Android device but can’t seem to locate it, you may need to check your Application Manager to confirm that the app was successfully installed.

    You can do so by going to your device’s settings, locating the Application Manager, and then checking the “Downloaded” list to see if the app has installed properly. If you see the app on the list, please double check your Apps pages to see if you missed it previously. If you don’t see the app on the list, please go to the Google Play Store and download the app again.

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  • Purchasing Issues

    How do I get the ad-free version on all devices?

    If you are playing on a device that uses the same iTunes account as the one you used to originally purchase the game, you can install the ad-free version free of charge. If you are using a different iTunes account or a different app store entirely (for example, Google Play), you will have to purchase the ad-free app again.

    Restore Previous Purchases (iOS)

    1. Go to Settings then Restore Previous Purchases.

    2. From the home screen double tap the home button -> tap and hold the app icon until it wiggles -> tap the red circle in the top left -> reopen the app.

    3. If this doesn’t work, try deleting the application and re-downloading it.

    Restore Previous Purchases (Android)

    1. Go to Settings then Restore Previous Purchases.

    2. Go to your phone’s settings -> applications -> clear game data (or cache).

    3. If this doesn’t work, try deleting the application and re-downloading it.

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  • Facebook

    How do I log in with Facebook?

    If you would like to associate Facebook with your account go to Settings then Switch Facebook Account.

    If your app is crashing when you try to log in with Facebook, please try deleting your Facebook application, then reinstalling.

    Why log in with Facebook?

    By logging in via Facebook, you can find your Facebook friends who are also playing the game. Additionally, doing so will enable you to invite your friends to play with you through Facebook.

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  • Profile Picture

    How to Change Your Profile Picture

    Simply tap the picture in your Account Settings. You can then choose a photo from any of your Facebook albums. We decided to use Facebook pictures so that players can’t use inappropriate photos as their profile pictures.

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  • Notifications

    How to Turn On/Off Notifications (iOS)

    We highly recommend leaving/turning on notifications so you always know when it’s your turn or when you’ve been sent a message from your buddy. You can enable or disable them through the following steps:

    1. Open the Settings application.

    2. Tap Notifications.

    3. Select Wordly.

    4. From this menu, you can toggle the following options:

    Notification Center: On/Off for all alerts. Set this to “On” to make notifications available to you.

    Alert Style: Select the picture of Banners or Alerts to receive notifications.

    Badge App Icon: Select “On” to see the little number over the icon. This helps a lot to see when it’s your turn.

    Sounds: Select the tone that plays when you receive an alert.

    How to Turn On/Off Notifications (Android)

    We highly recommend leaving/turning on notifications so you always know when it’s your turn or when you’ve been sent a message from your buddy. You can enable or disable them through the following steps:

    1. Swipe down from the top of your screen.

    2. Tap Settings.

    3. Navigate to Device Manager.

    4. Tap Apps/Application Manager.

    5. Tap Wordly.

    6.Check or uncheck the Show Notifications box.

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