[a]ListDaily Interviews Senior Product Marketing Manager Rob Gaige


The [a]listdaily caught up with Robert Gaige, senior product marketing manager at Scopely, to find out more about this licensed game and its marketing plan.

What’s your marketing strategy for Yahtzee With Buddies? How will you reach existing Yahtzee players, and enlist new ones?

We’re so excited to be partnering with Hasbro to deliver the game that they know and love, especially since Yahtzee is such an established brand. We know people will be searching for Yahtzee in the App Store, and we want to make sure that Yahtzee With Buddiesis the top ranked app that people will find in their search results. We’ll also be utilizing our own proven user acquisition strategies to introduce a new generation of Yahtzee players to the classic gameplay experience.

Yahtzee With Buddies is one of the first games for the Apple Watch. Do you feel that gives you a marketing boost?

We’re all very excited about the Apple Watch and the opportunities that come with an innovative new device. We think this is a great opportunity for Yahtzee players to have access to one of their favorite games right on their wrist. Players will love how convenient and accessible the game is, and how the design is streamlined for the Watch.

Will you be able to play Yahtzee With Buddies entirely from the Apple Watch, or will you still have to use your phone?

The version for Apple Watch is a supporting app to the iOS game. Yahtzee With Buddies on the Apple Watch will alert you when you have turns waiting, tell you what turn it is, and whether it’s a tournament or PVP session. The Apple Watch app will also include chat notifications, tournament announcements, and opponents’ roll status. These are unique additions to the game experience, as not every game is of equal importance to each user. If you’re playing a close friend or family member, for example, there’s more urgency and you’ll want to take your turn right away. If you’re playing against a stranger but preoccupied, you can dismiss the turn without even having to take your phone out of your pocket.

How important are the social aspects of the game?

The social aspects are essential to the game. The best part of Yahtzee With Buddies is playing with your friends and family, and we really believe this is bringing the family game night experience to mobile. Families used to be able to sit down and connect around the dinner table with games like Yahtzee, but with families and friends on the go and spread throughout the country, this makes it easy to stay connected no matter where you are. Facebook is also completely integrated into the app to support these connections, and we’ll be adding more exciting social features in the coming months to create even deeper social interactions.

Tell us about the in-app purchases available in Yahtzee With Buddies, and will there be other monetization (such as advertising) for the game?

There will be advertising in the game, and players can also purchase bonus rolls. Players who purchase bonus rolls of $4.99 or more will have the advertisements removed. There will also be custom dice that people can earn through accomplishments, and may also be included as a surprise with special purchases.