Bernard Chen Joins the Scopely Family as GM & VP, Product


Hello everyone, and thanks for welcoming me to Scopely.

After talking with folks like Walter, Javier, and Tim, it was an easy decision to want to work here, but with a family that is firmly planted in San Francisco, the logistics of a 400 mile commute and time spent away from my wife and kids was a major consideration.

In the end, I chose to come to Scopely because of its rare combination of dynamic management team, passionate team members, momentum, funding, and business strategy. I’ve been in technology long enough to know that Scopely is a rare place – it’s an environment where the next big ideas can grow, full of people who want to make them happen.

I spent the last three years working on KIXEYE’s Battle Pirates and War Commander, so I know the delicate balance of skills it takes to build and operate successful free-to-play games. My own interests are in product strategy, behavioral economics, analytics, and group dynamics – skills that I’ll bring to bear working on the next generation of mobile games here at Scopely.