Co-CEO Javier Ferreira shares Scopely’s view on a thriving studio ecosystem

Co-CEO Javier Ferreira shares Scopely’s view on a thriving studio ecosystem


Cultivating a thriving studio ecosystem


Today is an exciting day at Scopely. We shared with our global teams that Scopely has acquired the remaining stake in Dublin-based DIGIT Game Studios, our partner in creating the MMO/strategy game Star Trek™️ Fleet Command.

DIGIT, now one of Ireland’s largest game developers, has been Scopely’s partner since 2015, collaborating in the MMO/strategy genre. In November 2018, we launched Star Trek™️ Fleet Command together and the game has been a hugely successful entry into the challenging-to-tackle MMO/strategy sector—surpassing $50 million in revenue in just the first four months.

The trusted partnership we built with the DIGIT team led to this amazing product success, and showcases that working with world-class talent ultimately delivers great games players love. Acquiring the remaining stake in DIGIT signals the success Star Trek™️ Fleet Command and lays the foundation for even more opportunities in the strategy game space.

Across our LA and Barcelona offices, as well as DIGIT’s Dublin office, we celebrated the success of Fleet Command, welcomed 70+ new team members to the Scopely squad and relished in the last few years of our relationship. DIGIT has built a culture of excellence and inclusivity. The studio has attracted a highly diverse talent base that includes 20+ nationalities and this diversity of thought is a great addition to Scopely’s already diverse culture. We are thrilled to welcome them to the team.

We feel our tech platform, engineering, publishing and game making capabilities, coupled with genre expertise (such as DIGIT’s in MMO/strategy) have been a key driver in building long-lasting franchises here at Scopely. We release games that we believe will result in deeply fulfilling, delightful experiences and see Fleet Command as a great example of an enduring franchise players will want to play and engage with for many years to come. Successful partnerships, such as DIGIT + Scopely, are key to our success and we continue to look for teams we can collaborate with and help accelerate their growth to achieve best-in-class results—ultimately creating some of the best franchise game teams in the world.

We get a lot of questions about how we work with our studio partners and I thought the DIGIT acquisition was a great opportunity to highlight our ecosystem.

We are committed to working with the best creative and development talent worldwide, and have built a unique range of relationships with experts across the globe that has allowed us to tackle many different genres and IPs successfully. We aren’t organized like a straightforward studio or straightforward publisher. Instead, we focus on building franchise teams with incredible talent density where we eliminate the traditional boundaries between developer and publisher and operate as a single team with the ability to deeply collaborate on a shared goal: deliver amazing experiences to players.

We focus on building franchise teams with incredible talent density where we eliminate the traditional boundaries between developer and publisher and operate as a single team…

Since Scopely was founded in 2011, the business has aimed to couple world-class technology, publishing expertise and a strong density of free-to-play product expertise with world-class game makers to create rewarding experiences that grow and evolve with players. With a mindset that centers around franchise longevity and game durability, we focus our day-to-day on capturing the magic and creating player experiences that are ever-evolving. Our technology platform and game services support our unique studio ecosystem that builds and operates these evergreen franchises. We want our franchise teams to have the end-to-end capabilities to create and operate games through an entire lifecycle. Franchise teams can consist of both Scopely employees and strategic partners working together as a single unit. Each franchise team is treated as its own company and has the operational and creative autonomy required for great game making, is hyper-focused on building a great product, and while each studio has a unique relationship to/within Scopely, all have the goal of operating games players love. Of the over 800 people working on Scopely products across the ecosystem, approximately 400 are Scopely employees and 400 are strategic partners.

When we’re deciding who to partner with, we are looking for teams that have the potential to be the best-in-the-world in a given area. Sometimes this is genre expertise, sometimes it’s technical expertise, sometimes it’s understanding a demographic or even a specific game mechanic. We look for teams who have been making games together for years, whether at their current company or in previous experiences. We love the dynamic nature of our studio ecosystem and our goal is to enhance their unique attributes while making processes more efficient and scalable. And, long-term relationships are super important to us as sometimes the “second pancake is better than the first” and we want to hone the opportunity to continue to iterate together on multiple products. We also evaluate and optimize our relationships over the course of a development and product lifecycle, and continually work to create synergies and value together.

Overall, we continue to forge relationships with elite partners across the globe—from studios, to IP holders, platforms, tech, talent and more—with the underlying Scopely mindset of working with the best-in-the-world to make incredible game experiences for players worldwide.

Javier Ferreira
Javier Ferreira