Dice Q&A (Part II)

Dice Q&A (Part II)




In Part II of our Developer Q&A, Nick Freilich (Sr. Product Manager, Dice With Buddies) returns to answer more questions from the Dice community.  If you have a question for Nick, don’t hesitate to let us know through our comments section below or on our Facebook page!

“Have you considered head to head stats? (PLEASE DO!)” – Alexi Wilcox

NF: This has been one of the Dice community’s most requested features, and is definitely on our to do list (in fact, we’ve already started initial work on it). Once we’ve released it, we’ll announce it here.

“When are you coming out with a Windows phone version?” – Michael Lezynski

NF: Dice for Window Mobile isn’t currently on our product roadmap, but it’s something we will certainly consider down the line, resources permitting.

“[Regarding Dice Scratchers] I scratch right up the center of both columns. Real time saver.” – Nick Redford

NF: This is a great tip and totally works. Thanks Nick!


“I wish we got the Scratchers on the Facebook version of the game.” – Denise Pacheco

NF: We’re busy bringing many features over to the Facebook version of our game. First up is Achievements on Dice Facebook, and then Tournaments later this year. Scratchers will be following shortly thereafter.