Dice with Buddies Forges Lasting Friendships

As one of our most prolific Dice With Buddies players, we’ve gotten to know Cory (aka “cBirdEvil”) quite well over the past few months through our VIP program.  Recently, Cory told us a heart warming story about a special friendship that she had formed with another player through our game.  What started as a “Random Buddy Invite” eventually grew into a lasting friendship between not just two players, but both of their families as well. We thought the story was too great to not share!
We’ll let Cory tell it:
I wanted to tell you about a “Dice With Buddies” experience…
I started playing this game about 2 years ago or so and ended up with a random buddy match around August of that year. This buddy (Tia) and I starting messaging through Dice daily and then became Facebook friends. We exchanged phone numbers a little bit later…we shared the same birthday and had a whole lot of other things in common. We started to text each other, then started sending each other pics of our family, dogs, etc. We have crazy schedules but were finally able to have our first actual phone conversation after months and months from the initial “random match”, and it was crazy!!! It was like I knew her all my life.
She eventually brought her husband, two of her kids, her stepson and a friend of one of her kids with her to visit me last August. From Michigan to Virginia, they drove in a badass (sorry for the language) RV and stayed for a week. The first day we met it was like soulmates collided. My family and hers met up many times over the week…the last night they were here my mom had a huge cookout/pool party at her house.
So, I wanted to thank you for that incredible gift. I truly have a friend for life! We have communicated in some form every single day since, and because of our schedules, Dice is still the primary method 😉