Nick’s Dice Challenge Analysis 7/10/14

Nick’s Dice Challenge Analysis 7/10/14



We recently challenged members of the Dice With Buddies community to come up with the best move possible given the above situation.  To help settle the fierce debate, Dice Sr. Product Manager Nick Freilich shared his thoughts on which move he’d make:

“Since your opponent is down by 52 points with only four moves to go, and she has already zeroed her 5 of a Kind, you have little to fear here. Even if she gets a decent score on 4 of a Kind – say 25 points – and gets three 3s, 5s and 6s to round out the Upper Section, she’ll only gain 67 points. To put it bluntly, it’ll take a miracle for her to recover, which means you have a lot of flexibility here.

As someone who loves knocking out achievements, I’d probably aim for one with this roll, whether it be Strong Foundation (going for a high number of points in the Lower Section), Risky Business (earning the Upper Bonus with a 0 in one of the boxes), or Loaded Up (getting at least 4 of a kind in every upper box). With three 1s on my first roll and room in both Chance and 4 of a Kind, I’d probably go for a bonus 5 of a Kind and use that to fill in one of those lower boxes. If I miss, I could always score a 0 on 3s in the Upper Section and still get the Upper Bonus, which would unlock Risky Business for me.

A more conservative approach would entail holding the lone 3 and aiming for as many 3s as possible, then filling in the 3s box in the Upper Section.

And if you’re feeling really whimsical, you could always re-roll all five of your dice, and see what fate has in store for you.

In any case, you should walk away from this game a winner.”

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