Robert & Rylee: A Random Match Made in Dice Heaven


Quite a few of our players have told us that they’ve formed good friendships through Dice With Buddies. Some have even met their spouses or significant others on our app.


Every story we hear differs, but one thing that all these players seem to have in common is that they didn’t originally set out looking for love. Usually, one innocuous chat message kicks off a series of countless follow-up chats, and a friendship forms. Then, eventually, love sparks, but all this unfolds slowly and quite unpredictably over time. A prime example is the story of Robert and Rylee . . .


Robert, a professional bowler from Dallas, Texas, has been a longtime player of Dice With Buddies. When he was a little kid, his older brother gave him Yahtzee as a Christmas gift, which he loved. He downloaded Dice With Buddies in 2012, and has been an avid player ever since. In April of last year, he was randomly matched with Rylee, a Dice player from San Diego. There was nothing particularly remarkable about their first Dice match. Robert says he had a string of lucky rolls and was actually beating Rylee quite handily. Being the competitive spirit that he is, Robert initiated some good-natured trash talking through the game’s chat feature. He called out his new opponent, telling her to “pick up the slack.”


To Robert’s surprise, Rylee was actually amused by this comment, and began chatting back. They continued playing each other and chatting over rematches for the next month. Over time, the chats turned into friendship with some flirting too. They eventually linked up over long-distance Skype chats, but not before both had done a considerable amount of snooping around about the other (e.g., investigative Google and Facebook searches). After all, both Robert and Rylee were well aware of the “catfishing” phenomenon, and neither one of them had ever fallen in love through an online game before. This was thrilling and scary new territory for the both of them, and they understandably had their guards up at first.


Finally Robert made plans to fly out to San Diego to meet Rylee in person. Over an Italian dinner, they realized their attraction to each other was even stronger in person, and Robert ended up rearranging plans so he could extend his trip a few days longer.


Robert tells us that the relationship they were able to build afterward was a strong one, though not without its ups and downs. The challenge of dating long distance was huge, and it took a lot of effort and patience from both of them to overcome it. Thankfully, they did, and now Robert and Rylee are expecting a baby together in October.


Congrats, you two, and thank you for sharing your remarkable story with us!