Roger Jao: Wordly + Scopely Helping A Fan Overcome Cancer


As a Community Manager at Scopely, I receive all sorts of messages from our players, ranging from compliments about our games to customer support issues.  While all of these messages are important bits of consumer feedback, few grabbed my attention as much as the one from user “Larolcoree” (real name Carol, from Chattanooga, Tennessee).  Its opening line:

Love the game! It’s gotten me through a season of cancer treatment! The Greats comments are hilarious.

Carol’s email hit me like a splash of cold water to the face.  After sharing it with the rest of the Scopely staff, we were soon all affected by it.  Her comment was an important reminder that our games aren’t just entertainment, but also positive – potentially life-changing – social experiences.  It was also a reminder to many of us of why we got into gaming in the first place.

We felt compelled to send Carol something to show her our love and support during her recovery.  It couldn’t be just any regular care package, because she was anything but a regular fan.  Our entire staff rallied together to send her a box filled with Scopely goodies, including a custom designed thank you card featuring her portrait illustrated in Wordly “Greats” style, courtesy of our thoughtful character artist Karlo.  We also sent her the digital version of that picture so she could use it as her profile picture within the game.

Carol was truly touched by our gift, but her inspiration to us was the biggest gift of all.

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