Scopely at GDC Next


Scopely COO Javier Ferreira spoke at GDC Next amongst leaders from DeNA Games and Rovio about publishing best practices for indie developers.

Panelists covered the top five hot topics mobile indie game developers should consider when working with a major publisher, including:

  • Skin in the game — what it takes mathematically for a big publisher to make an indie developer’s game successful
  • IP vs non IP — the value and challenges of working with established brands
  • Free-to-play vs premium — the risks/rewards
  • Casual vs core — what game genre competition is out there
  • Studio structure — indie developers need to know if they have the bandwidth and resources for the game to work long-term

Attendees learned what publishers look for when evaluating indie mobile game studios, how publishers mathematically determine if they’ll sign on an indie developer, when do free-to-play and premium models make sense, and how do publishers view the value of casual/core games. Thanks to all who attended!