Scopely Launches Third Consecutive #1 Game, WORDLY!

Scopely couldn’t be more excited to share with you the release of our newest game, WORDLY, the super-addictive new word game that we launched yesterday. Our team worked tirelessly Tuesday night in preparation for the launch and had high hopes for Wednesday morning. After the team’s collective all nighter, by Wednesday morning Wordly was the #52 app in the App Store overall. Within hours, we watched our game jump to #11, then climb the charts to #3. Today, we are excited to announce that WORDLY is currently both the #1 game and app in the App Store in the US and six other countries!
Wordly is Risk meets Scrabble–it’s a turn-based (and untimed) race to spell words and grab as many letters as you can before the whole board is claimed. You can play against friends, or take on single-player challenges against  “Greats” ranging from Shakespeare and Marie Curie to Cleopatra and the Wolfman.
Our team has collectively poured thousands of hours into building Wordly, and we’re all extremely proud of what we’ve produced. Point your phone or tablet to to download for iOS and Android and let us know what you think!