Scopely Takes Over GDC!

Scopely Takes Over GDC!


Scopely’s Creative Director Travis Chen will be hosting a not to be missed session on “Big Wins and Large Learnings on Mini Golf MatchUp” Monday, March 17th at 3:35pm in Room 2020, West Hall. Be sure to check it out!

Detailed below are some of our other most anticipated gaming sessions:

What’s Next in Mobile Game Marketing for 2014 (Presented by Game Insight), Wednesday, March 19th, 12pm 301, South Hall

Is marketing mobile games still just about traffic and user acquisition? Costs are spiraling, and competition is tougher than ever. More importantly, bringing in new users may not be enough anymore–what worked last year may not work today. Its time to get strategic! Learn about the most important trends for mobile game marketing in 2014 and beyond in this exclusive panel sponsored by Game Insight. Stay ahead of the curve with creative new ways to market mobile games as industry leaders discuss the ‘next big things’ you need to look out for now.

Catastrophic User Experience Failures – A Roundtable: Screwing Up the Basics!, Wednesday, March 17th, 5pm, 122, North Hall

Most GDC talks focus on amazing success stories and inspirational stories. Not this roundtable! Come talk about how to frustrate players, break your equipment and get yelled at by your colleagues! Or, well, how to avoid those things. Wednesday will cover conducting user research including recruiting, lab setup, technology and execution.

Why’d She Buy THAT? Customer Psychology in Game Purchases, Thursday, March 20th, 4pm, 2010 West Hall

A fairly hard-core session on understanding what drives the choice of one game over another, whether off the shelf in retail stores or in app stores, and how to best present your IAPs (In-App Purchases) to maximize profits. We will draw on pricing and marketing strategies from in and outside of the game industry to examine the decisions of both women and men, with sensitivities to price and presentation. By improving your mental model of the factors that people use when making the decision to buy, you can influence that decision. This is not a ‘you should have good metrics’ discussion, but an attempt to dive into the underlying psychology of buying in a way that provides concrete tactics and techniques for use in your games.

Mobile Games-as-a-Service: Serving Users for Lasting Success, Thursday, March 20th, 4pm, 3003 West Hall

The mobile gaming market continues to evolve. While some games enthrall the public’s thumbs for just a few months, other favorites can top the charts for years. Whether or not a game can keep those fickle fingers, there is clear market potential for mobile games to maintain popularity well beyond launch – when done right. This session will take a deep dive into the games-as-a-service strategy that Storm8 employs to maintain its loyal fan base of more than 200 million players worldwide. Drawing on examples from the social casual hit Dragon Story, Storm8 general manager Vatsal Bhardwaj will tackle what mobile game developers can do today to service players the right way, and keep them playing forever.

Puzzle and Dragons Postmortem, Thursday, March 20th, 5:30pm, 303 South Hall

Kazuki Morishita, CEO of GungHo, will be speaking from the viewpoint of the executive producer of Puzzle & Dragons, and take a look back at the beginning of the game’s development and its exciting journey up until now. What future awaits Puzzle & Dragons and the other GungHo titles? Details on GungHo’s new approach for game development will also be revealed.

“Why’d She Buy THAT? Customer Psychology in Game Purchases”, “What’s Next in Mobile Game Marketing for 2014″, “Mobile Games-as-a-Service: Serving Users for Lasting Success”, not to mention Scopely Creative Director.

Check these sessions and more on the conference schedule here:

We look forward to seeing you in San Francisco!