Scopely Welcomes “Mobile Game Guru” Tim O’Brien as Chief Revenue Officer!

Scopely Welcomes “Mobile Game Guru” Tim O’Brien as Chief Revenue Officer!


Hi Everyone,

Today I am very excited to officially announce my joining Scopely.

For over a year now I had been watching Scopely and the huge momentum the company has been building. It was clear to me that something special was happening, just seeing the success of Mini Golf, Slots Vacation, and Dice.

Walter and I met at a dinner six months ago and I was energized by our conversation. I had been at Disney for four years and I was growing eager to jump back into a company where I could truly help build a business that would be consequential in the long term. After meeting the team and experiencing the culture of the company, I felt there was no better place than Scopely to return to a startup. My first week here has proven my instinct right: it’s an exciting and fun place to come to work every day.

I joined Scopely because I believe in the company’s vision to help strong mobile game developers scale their game titles into successful global businesses. With over a million applications in each app store and the Top 25 titles on each platform accounting for a huge percentage of overall revenue, developers have a tough business to crack. Scopely is focused on ensuring that great independent developers have the opportunity to compete at the highest level by leveraging our infrastructure, distribution, and scale on an ongoing basis. Having had the opportunity to build two of biggest app store global franchises, Tap Tap Revenge and Where’s My Water, as well as 25 number one hits since the App Store launched in 2008, I want to bring my experience to help other app developers succeed at the scale we were able to achieve at Tapulous and Disney.

Being able to work with independent game companies to create valuable, high quality experiences and then deliver those games to millions of users across the planet is thrilling. I have been blessed to collaborate with some amazing entrepreneurs and game developers over the past 10 years, and I know that by joining Scopely, I will be meeting talent that will help shape mobile entertainment for years to come.

I joined Scopely because I wanted to be a part of an organization where I could have an impact on day one. Plus, with so many dogs to pet in the office every day, I knew I would always go home feeling good at the end of each day.



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