Scopely’s Director of User Acquisition Eric Ma Presents at Game Monetization Summit


Getting your game in the hands of the right audience is one of the trickiest challenges in mobile gaming. As Scopely’s Director of User Acquisition, mobile app distribution is a complicated minefield my team is navigating everyday. I had the pleasure of speaking at December’s Game Monetization USA Summit in San Francisco, joining some of the most experienced and innovative developers and user acquisition vendors in a candid conversation about how to improve mobile distribution.

The mobile advertising ecosystem is an incredibly exciting and dynamic environment, with new ways to advertise to potential players popping up seemingly daily. There can be a dizzying array of choices to make and partners to select, so I wanted to focus my discussion on best practices for choosing who to spend your time and money with and how to evaluate the effectiveness of mobile ad campaigns. In a talk titled “How Does A User Acquisition Manager Choose?” I offered a first-hand perspective of what user acquisition managers look for in new partners or new campaigns. Whether a partner is providing differentiated creative units, unique ad inventory, special user targeting capabilities, or simply better price flexibility, upfront diligence is the best filtering mechanism in a crowded landscape. For the developers in the room, hopefully they took away useful questions to ask the next time they meet a user acquisition company, and for the vendors in the room, I’m hoping the first-hand account of how my team interprets their pitches will help facilitate more informed conversations in the future.

The best part of the summit was feedback and candid conversations with other developers – some have well-established user acquisition teams while many are just starting the process of learning how to advertise their games effectively. Every developer should have a unique strategy for their game and resources, and it’s always cool to see how different teams tackle the task – there truly is no one “right” approach”. At Scopely, we’re always turning our learnings into better and more efficient user acquisition. Thanks to the Game Monetization Summit team for a wonderful event, and looking forward to reconnecting with people from the summit in an exciting 2015!