Scopely’s New Digs

Scopely’s New Digs


Scopely New Office Wall of Greats and Bar

Scopely Zio Ziegler New Office Mural

Scopely New Office Reception

Today starts a new chapter in the history of Scopely. Over the
weekend, we moved into our new headquarters, which marks a number of
notable firsts, including:

  • the first time we are not subletting a space from another company
  • the first time we have been able to custom build our working environment ourselves
  • the first time we have enough breakout rooms to support the meetings, conversations, and phone calls constantly occurring
  • it is the first time (since the very beginning) that everyone in the company is working in one room together

When the company was launched about two and a half years ago, we
sub-letted two small offices from a film production company in LA’s
Koreatown. Within a few months, there was barely room for us, and we
were less than a dozen people. Interviews and meetings were conducted in
a supply closet; and the supplies were still in it.

We moved to Hollywood in October of 2011. There were 14 of us, and
we had found a new location where we could spread out a bit. The
live/work condo was also a sublet, but it was 10x the size of our
previous office. Nevertheless, over the last 22 months, we have grown
from 14 to well over 80 Scopeleans, so that space (and the neighboring
ones we also sublet in the interim) quickly became constraining.

A year ago we began searching for a new headquarters, one that we
could design from the ground up to suit our current and future needs.
For over six months we looked for the ideal space, which we found in a
spectacular converted warehouse in Culver City, nearly double the size
of our previous Hollywood group of offices. And it took another five
months to design and build-out the interior, which our designer calls
“boutique hotel meets high-tech office.”

Having been in this new building for just one day now, we’re all
still far from adjusted to the surreality of this new space, but it does
feel momentous. For me, what’s most thrilling is the fact that we’re all
in one room again. Being able to turn around 360 degrees and see all of
the talent, intellect, and varied experience sitting in the same space
is both mind-blowing and inspiring.

Great things will happen here.


  • Our original “office” in Koreatown, above the Wiltern Theater
  • Our first “conference room”, which was also a supply closet (actually, vice versa)
  • The 14-person team that originally moved into our Hollywood space, that grew to 6x that in the following 18 months.
  • The three live/work spaces (that were meant to accommodate 10 people each) that we well outgrew in a year after adding 65 employees.
  • Our new, awesome digs.

Our original office in Koreatown

The Hollywood Office

Our huge, beautiful new space!

Check out more photos of the new office HERE!