Steve Seoane Joins the Scopely Family as SVP, Publishing Platform


Dear Friends of Scopely,

When I decided it was a good time to leave my role as Chief Product Officer at LifeLock, I thought about a few critical themes I wanted to make sure were included in my upcoming opportunity:

1) A strong management team with a cohesive culture and outsized ambition
2) The ability to use my years of experience in predictive analytics and big data to drive the business forward
3) A smaller team that was experiencing hyper growth in a large and dynamic market

As soon as I met with Walter, Javier, and the team, it was obvious that Scopely was a very special company and a wonderful opportunity. With four children the decision was not lightly made, but the combination of the team, the culture, and the opportunity was just too compelling to pass up.

I am arriving at Scopely at a very exciting time in the company’s history. Scopely recently partnered with Robert Kirkman and Skybound Entertainment to launch The Walking Dead: Road to Survival, the first free-to-play mobile game based on the wildly popular graphic novels, and just one of the upcoming AAA titles slated to launch over the next 6-18 months. The game saw an impressive 4M downloads in its first week and marks the 6th consecutive #1 game for Scopely. I was impressed by Scopely’s ability to have three games in the Top 100 Grossing Apps charts, with two of its most recent launches hitting the Top 25 Grossing. Scopely’s impressive track record, growth and product slate paired with Inc. Magazine naming it the 9th fastest-growing company in America–with over 19,555% revenue growth–made me extremely excited and proud to join the team.

I have a broad product and analytics background working for and with some of the largest data driven B2C companies like Capital One early in my career, to some of the most sophisticated analytics providers in LexisNexis Risk Solutions and ID Analytics. In these roles I lead the development of scores, attributes, and solutions that were implemented at 8 of the top 10 credit card companies, 3 of the top 4 wireless carriers, and many of the most sophisticated e-retailers. These solutions sat on top of petabytes of data and were used for scale marketing, lending, fraud, and identity authentication decisions.

In my last role I headed Product at LifeLock, a publicly traded identity theft protection and enterprise fraud and authentication risk business located in Phoenix and the Bay Area. That role gave me a deep appreciation for what goes into building delightful and engaging products for millions of consumers, and will allow me to be a better partner for our internal teams and our partner studios. As many people know, mobile games are incredibly well-instrumented and successful ones generate billions of events every day. Those events need to be organized, analyzed, and most importantly used to drive very personalized game play to delight our users. Building a world class platform for all of the Scopely ecosystem to use is both an intellectually stimulating and a strategically important endeavor.

Scopely’s platform is a suite of nimble tools sitting atop sophisticated big data and analytics infrastructure.It targets the 3 key business challenges game studios face: accelerating growth through intelligent user acquisition and cross promotion, optimizing the player experience through in-game and cross-game analytics, and monetizing play through live events and advertising. We will evolve the platform by layering in more predictive analytics around churn, pricing optimization for IAP, and most importantly delighting users through more personalized in-game experiences.

A saying that I try to live by is that “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Choosing to move from FinTech where I have been for the past decade was me embracing that uncomfortable and stretched feeling of learning a new industry. This pattern is something that has always been rewarding for me and I am excited to begin another new chapter of growth.

At the end of the day, it was the people that inspired me at Scopely the most. I have been blessed to work with some wonderful teams going all the way back to my time at the Naval Academy. During my career, I have had the most impact and the most fun when I am a part of a team of passionate individuals tackling incredibly ambitious goals. In my experience, it is almost always small teams that drive big change–even in large industries. I am excited to see the opportunity to do that again at Scopely.