Supporting our Scopeleans and the Ukraine community

Supporting our Scopeleans and the Ukraine community


Supporting our Scopeleans and the Ukraine community 

As we continue to witness the escalating violence in Ukraine, our thoughts are with everyone in the country and the surrounding regions, especially our many Scopeleans, their loved ones and our players, who have been impacted by this devastating situation. 

Our Scopeleans

Scopely has employees located around the world, including in Ukraine, Russia and across eastern Europe. We also have many employees of both Ukrainian and Russian descent working in many locations, including western Europe and the United States. 

Our top priority is, and will continue to be, supporting the safety of our employees and their families during this time. We are in constant contact with these teammates, providing them with as much assistance as possible, including resources and financial aid to support their safety. We will continue to adapt and reinforce our resources as the situation evolves. 

Additionally, we are providing mental health and listening resources for our employees around the world. 

The impacted community 

Our Scopeleans have shown an inspirational humanitarian spirit that spans borders, providing thoughtful ideas and caring deeply (a core Scopely value) about how to help this situation. Based on their input, Scopely has/is taking the following steps to support impacted communities: 

Scopely has meaningfully contributed to The UN Refugee Agency and United Help Ukraine, which are providing critical resources to affected local communities. Our team has also created an organization resource guide focused on helping on-the-ground humanitarian efforts. 

Additionally, a number of our games, such as “Solitaire TriPeaks” and “Bingo Bash,” are offering in-game support to players looking to help with relief efforts. In-game transactions will support CARE and its partners, an organization providing food, water and additional aid to families in need in Ukraine.

We are also continuing to monitor the situation and are evaluating additional ways to support aid in local communities.  

Our partners and next steps 

We join the voices around the world calling for peace and firmly condemn this unprovoked invasion. We stand with the people of Ukraine and will not continue profiting from Russia. Therefore, we have made the decision to suspend marketing and commerce in Russia and Belarus. A number of our platform partners have also disabled Russian transactions and we fully support our partners in this decision. 

To everyone impacted by this horrific conflict, our hearts are with you.