Supporting our Scopeleans

Supporting our Scopeleans


Pictured: Javier Ferreira (left) and Walter Driver, Scopely Co-CEOs

Supporting our Scopeleans

As we end another week in our new reality, the impacts of COVID-19 are felt around the world and in every aspect of our daily lives. We continue to remind our Scopeleans that their health and wellbeing, along with that of their families’, is our top priority. We urge all Scopeleans to continue to take care of themselves and the people they love above all else.

It is times like these that we are especially grateful to be part of something larger than ourselves, with incredible people around the world that support and care about each other. Reflecting on how our global organization has approached this uncertain time is remarkable. While taking care of their own health and wellbeing at home, we’ve seen Scopeleans around the world rise to help, encourage, and stay connected with each other every day to keep us all stronger, together. From virtual hangouts to reallocation of resources, our teams have been flexible and creative, and their willingness to adapt to new challenges has allowed us to continue to connect players around the world through games. We’re extremely proud of how our workforce has embodied our culture of truly caring for each other and our collective futures. This dedication also allows us to stay strong as a company to ensure long term stability for our employees. We want to thank our Scopeleans for their continued resilience and commitment to each other and to Scopely.

With over 800 employees in five countries, we are extremely mindful of the wide range of conditions throughout the world. To support the wellbeing of our Scopeleans and their families, we committed to a number of internal programs to address the unique needs of our employees. From those who are parents or caregivers, to those living alone during isolation, and everyone in between, below are some of the ways we’re prioritizing the needs of our remote workforce:

  • Food & Beverage Subsidy: In our offices around the world, Scopely provides complimentary food and beverage service. We realize this benefit is impactful and are providing monthly subsidies to compensate for our daily meal programs while working remotely. Our goal is to help relieve any stress or burden related to the absence of this benefit during this time.
  • Financial Support: We recognize that everyone is navigating their own unique circumstances during this crisis. For any Scopelean facing financial hardship related to COVID-19, Scopely is offering a three-month payroll advance with a completely confidential application process.
  • Wellbeing Days: We are committed to ensuring all employees are taking the time they need to attend to their health and their families’ wellbeing. With no physical separation from personal and work life, this new world is complex and it can be hard to truly feel refreshed with no “out of office” reality. To ensure our teams are prioritizing their mental and physical wellbeing, Scopely has allotted global free days in addition to our standard holiday calendar. We continue to encourage everyone to take the time off they need, when they need it, but also having the entire company step away at the same time makes a difference. It is our hope that these additional days allow Scopeleans to unplug, recharge, and be unconcerned with having to play catch-up.
  • We are also proud of our many employee-driven internal task forces that continue to address concerns of both our current and future work environments:
    • Our Work From Home Community Task Force organizes virtual social and learning events as well as wellbeing activities
    • Our Parents Task Force ensures working parents are supported as they take-on the additional role of teacher and caretaker
    • And our Global Task Force contributes to a ‘Scopelean Support Hub’ to serve as a single source of trusted information for internal and external sources, including the latest health and safety mandates in each country and county

There is no blueprint for what we are all experiencing, but there has also never been a standard blueprint for Scopely.

The future ahead looks different for many reasons, and we will tackle the challenges and navigate this new world, together.

– Walter Driver & Javier Ferreira, Scopely Co-CEOs

Walter Driver
Walter Driver