Welcome Roy Rosenthal, Scopely General Counsel, Head of Business Affairs!


Hi Everyone,

Today I am thrilled to announce that I have joined the Scopely Team as General Counsel, Head of Business Affairs. Prior to Scopely, I was Senior Counsel & Senior Director of Business Affairs at Zynga, where I performed a dual legal and business development role running the commercial legal team and heading our business affairs efforts. Before that, I ran Business Affairs at Shazam in London and then in Palo Alto.

My Scopely story began when Scopely’s Chief Revenue Officer Tim O’Brien reached out to me last year. He and I had worked with many of the same folks across the gaming industry, and it felt more like reconnecting with an old friend than being recruited. I found his energy and persistence infectious. Though I was living in San Francisco at the time, I happened to be in LA for a gaming conference and was able to meet Walter, Javier, and Tim in person and was completely blown away. At the time, my family and I just weren’t ready to move down from San Francisco but – Tim being Tim – he pinged me every month, and by the end of the year we were in with both feet. (Side Note: We found out we’re going to have a second kiddo in November and really loved the idea of moving closer to family in LA. The timing was perfect in the end – even if it took 8 months!)

I hope Scopely can benefit from my experience and perspective from Zynga and Shazam — particularly from Zynga, which is operating in much of the same space as Scopely. While there, I built out the deal structure for Zynga’s advertising business, third party developer platform, IP licensing efforts, and general commercial deal flow. The speed and energy at Scopely is a lot like Zynga, and I hope I can help guide Scopely to the same level of success Zynga has seen and avoid some of the missteps.

Scopely is truly sitting on a powder keg. The team Walter has put together is an amazing combination of the best and brightest from the largest gaming and media companies with all of the attributes of a nimble and entrepreneurial start up. I’m excited about the opportunities that lie ahead of us given our vision, our size and our reach throughout tech, gaming, and entertainment. And if people knew what I know about where we’re headed, you wouldn’t need to ask why I was inspired to join. It was a no brainer.