What’s new in the Scopely community – April 2021

What’s new in the Scopely community – April 2021


It’s a new month, which means all-new stories, challenges, and adventures to explore across Scopely’s portfolio of games. Read on for just some of the highlights coming to our global community of players.

As always, thanks for playing!


With The Original Series ARC now at the close, we are very excited to get into April with a brand new ARC that’s warping in faster than ever! All able commanders are called to the bridge and start their warp engines because it’s going to be a month with a ton of new adventures! 

Join us now and enjoy the best Star Trek experience no other game has given. You have the con commander!


Hello Scrabble lovers! This month it’s the 73rd anniversary of Scrabble, and we are celebrating! 🎉

Community Tournament

Our second community tournament will be held in April and will culminate with a live stream final on our Facebook page on Scrabble Day, April 13, 2021.

Scrabble Day Tile Quest

Participate in the Scrabble Day Tile Quest challenge for a chance to obtain the NEW Scrabble Day Tile 2021! Play Now!

New Features / Sweepstakes

The Scrabble anniversary wouldn’t  be complete with exciting new in-game features and fantastic community sweepstakes. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more details coming soon.


“He’s a big chungus. 

He’s a big chunky boy!

Such a big bun, yes,

we are so overjoyed!”

April marks the arrival of a highly-expected toon, Big Chungus! This legendary wabbit jumps from the meme world to our World of Mayhem for his own Easter event. From April 2nd to April 6th log in the game to play through exciting Campaigns and participate in some special Easter (and Big Chungus) Eggs hunts!

On top of that, stay in the lookout for other exciting events and social media sweepstakes. We’ll also give the opportunity to players to decide for the next toon featured in our monthly log-in calendar!


Join us on our Road to WRESTLEMANIA and unleash some of the grandest stages in WWE History! EARN WrestleMania’s GREATEST Superstars and Legends as part of our biggest update ever, just by playing your favorite Modes!

#ScopelyContentCreators provide you with gameplay for NEW ICONS OF WRESTLEMANIA, which you can also WIN on our OFFICIAL Forum during that time! Be on the lookout for more Giveaways and a LEGENDARY new Contest coming up in April! Don’t Miss out!