What’s new in the Scopely community – March 2021

What’s new in the Scopely community – March 2021


It’s a new month, which means all-new stories, challenges, and adventures to explore across Scopely’s portfolio of games. Read on for just some of the highlights coming to our global community of players. 

As always, thanks for playing!


Prepare your station commanders, as March will be beaming with more amazing content in Star Trek Fleet Command. Prepare to battle more pesky hostiles lurking in the depths of our Galaxy while exploring new adventures, unlocking a fresh new Battle Pass, new missions while journeying where no one has gone before.

Join us now and enjoy the best Star Trek experience no other game has given. You have the con commander!


Hello Scrabble lovers! This month we are looking forward to seeing you participate in our community pages to celebrate the first anniversary from the Scrabble GO launch!

1 Year Birthday Community Giveaway

Visit our Facebook page and participate in the giveaway for a chance of winning crazy rewards and to celebrate together!

Live Q&A

In March, we will be hosting our fourth live Questions and Answers! Stay tuned for the date announcement, and start preparing your questions now. You can ask us ANYTHING you want about Scrabble GO!

Spring Giveaway
Stay tuned and check our Facebook page on March 19th to welcome together the arrival of our favorite season with an amazing giveaway.


What’s up, loonerinos? 

March marks the arrival of Spring and tons of new events. Players will be able to power up different toons thanks to our regional events, as well as unlocking exciting new toons for their collections. We’ll also be releasing our next Legendary event, based on what the community chose in our latest in-game poll. 

Facebook & Instagram Giveaways 

Stay tuned to our social media channels as we spice them up with some sweet giveaways! Participants only need to drop a comment for a chance to win some Gems and Golden Tickets! 

Spring Mega Giveaway

We’re celebrating the arrival of Spring with a special giveaway. Everyone is invited to participate, so be on the lookout for a special inbox message around March 21st!  


In March, WWE Champions 2021 takes you on the road to the Granddaddy of them all, WRESTLEMANIA! Get excited about the long-awaited Wrestlemania month-long Contest, with spectacular but also “mysterious” Prizings. You will also get the chance to play even MORE ALL-NEW Stipulation Tours and take part in Wrestlemania like Giveaways on our Forum!

Don’t Forget about March 16th, when we celebrate Stone Cold Day with you, and we promise, this year is exceptional! So don’t miss out or get stunned!


You definitely won’t want to miss out on The Walking Dead: Road to Survival this month as we launch our latest update: Conquest

The Conquest Update will be the largest and most comprehensive game update that we have ever made to Road to Survival. There will be new things to do, new things to earn, and new ways to build and strengthen your teams. We’re also updating and refining a lot of the core features and systems that you’ve come to know and love.

Excited? We are too. Check our blog post below to learn more about the new features and changes that will launch with the Conquest Update, coming to Road to Survival in March 2021.