Ankur Bulsara

Ankur Bulsara

Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer

Ankur Bulsara brings over 10 years of experience in technology, development, and architecture to Scopely, where he oversees all aspects of technology and engineering. Ankur has experience building large-scale and robust systems used by millions of people across multiple platforms.

Prior to co-founding Scopely in 2011, Ankur was the Founder of Brainwave Software Inc., a consulting business that he grew to over $1 million in gross revenue annually, consulting clients that included Myspace, uSamp, MindJolt (SGN), and, among others. While consulting, he held several different positions with his clients, including Architect of Revenue and Inventory Optimization at uSamp, Architect/Lead Developer at Internships LLC, and Architect at Freedom Speaks.

In 2007 Ankur became the Lead Software Developer on Myspace’s Developer Platform, where he was responsible for the developer website and the portal dashboard for developers to create and manage Myspace apps.

Ankur graduated with a Bachelor of Science in computer science from Cornell University.

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